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Peeking into the world of a three year old


One of my earliest memories is of when my brother was born.

It was 1987 and I was three years and three months young.

I was not much taller than the mahogany coffee table.

The perception of this memory is overwhelmed by the brown velour sofa, the gingery-brown swirl patterns on the carpet and the brown velvet curtains.

I remember following some commotion over to the sofa.

My two older sisters were crowding around, looking down at something.

When I got closer I heard my dad’s voice.

In a gentle, high pitched voice that us adults use when talking to toddlers, he said something about a little baby.

The words are just a muffle- it is the tone of voice that I heard.

I assume he asked my sisters to step aside as they step back when I get up to the sofa.

There, on the couch, lay my mam.

Her hair was in a bob, she wore a brown stretch-cotton skirt and there was a bundle of blankets on her lap.

I couldn’t see anything else.

Dunno what the fuss is about, thought I. Just blankets.

And then I go off back into what is now a puff of air.

When I return, my mam had disappeared from the sofa and I was in the room with my middle sister.

I could hear my (very excited) eldest sister talking with mam as they walked up the stairs together.

Dad came in with two boxes.

He was showing them to my sister.

He was asking her to choose, using that sweet voice that I had never recalled hearing before, and I don’t think I ever heard it again.

There was something new in this voice- a deep peace, serenity, love.

Sure hadn’t his first son been born.

Or was it just that another person had been born?

Anyway, as I got closer I saw that they were two of the most beautiful barbie-style dolls wearing magnificent ball gowns.

One of the gowns was black.


I had never seen anything as beautiful on a doll.

My sister, of course, chose the black one but I didn’t seem to mind.

The pink one was just as beautiful.

And that was it.

That is my memory from when my brother was born.

My brother would grow up to be one of my closest friends and all I remember about the first time I met him was brown decor, my dad’s beautiful voice, a bundle of blankets and a couple of prettily dressed dolls.

I seemed to have missed the point but despite that I think that is beautiful.

That is the mind of a three year old and I will hold that memory tight as I watch Elfie’s processes when we bring baby no2 home.

Wait! Hold your horses, I’m not preggers.

But I am announcing a couple of births.

On the top right hand corner of my blog you will see the badge for the Irish Parenting Bloggers Group.

Joining this group has been so enjoyable and enlightening.

It has been great to meet fellow bloggers and delve into their worlds for some inspiration and even a few giggles.

I love reading all the different writing styles and the wide variety of topics including opinion pieces, parenting tales, recipes, crafts and money saving tips.

Two of our bloggers (who are also our super group admins)  are experiencing the excitement of bringing another little being into their family and so we are throwing a virtual baby shower in the form of a Blog March. Aine (of AndmyBaby and currently on bloggy maternity leave)  had her lovely little girl in January and Lisa (of mama.ie) is due in March. Lisa has announced that she too is expecting a little girl.

I would like to send you both my heartfelt congratulations and lots of excitement your way.

I must say, between all this baby madness and the announcement of lots of friends expecting, I am getting broody.

So watch this space!

If you haven’t yet explored all the great Irish parenting blogs out there then I would be delighted to introduce you to these guys. I will add links to the list as our Blog March progresses.

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15 thoughts on “Peeking into the world of a three year old

  1. Awww that’s beautiful and what a lovely memory 🙂 x

  2. That’s really sweet! I don’t have siblings, but I vividly remember meeting my baby cousin (almost like a sister). It’s when I tried Swiss cheese and strawberries for the first time! It was also the last time I held a newborn until I had my own, 20 something years later!

  3. What a lovely memory to have. I don’t remember my second sister coming home but I do remember when Mam & Dad left to go to the hospital. Very precious.

  4. There are 6 of us. The first one I remember arriving was the third one of us who made us 3 sisters. Eventhough she was born at home my memory is of my dad giving us Chickatees and red lemonade!

  5. Lovely post! I’m the eldest of four who arrived so close together I have no memory of any babies at all – just the perfect amount of bodies for team sports 🙂

  6. Oh I love this! I hope my two eldest have memories like that to hold onto. Very special and all the better that you grew up to be best friends 🙂

  7. What a great memory! I really only remember the arrival of my youngest brother – and I was 9 when he was born. The other two (born when I was 2.5 and 4), I don’t remember arriving at all. In my earliest memories, they just always seem to have been there.

    Thanks for such a lovely post!

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  9. Laura, you write so beautifully x What a lovely, lovely post!

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  11. Ohbeautiful. I don’t remember my baby sis arriving… BUT I do remember my mum with a bump, I was looking up at her and couldnt see her face with all that bump in the way and I felt my sis kick 🙂 Afterwards she was just always there copying everything I did, just like my 2 lil monkeys now 🙂

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