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God in The Child


It was cloudy once.
The sun in my stomach.
Like a cob web,
It absorbed others’ niggles.
A desire to heal.
But it didn’t know how to re-release
the pain.
To transmute it.
So it became cloudy, heavy, sad.
The sun in my stomach lost its shine.

Then something had to give and
it burst.
Cobwebs flew heaven-bound.
And something beyond life took it away,
in a miracle.
I let it go.

I didn’t realise I was letting it go.
I just woke up and there was a hole in my stomach.
Where my sun used to be.
Where my cobweb used to be.

And I looked into the child’s eyes and saw God.
For me to say that word,comfortably, is a miracle.
And my hole started to fill.
I could feel it- the lights.
Tinkles, sparkles, love- my child.
She filled it.

So now I have a sun again.



4 thoughts on “God in The Child

  1. Absolutely beautiful. . .

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