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Things I’ve heard myself saying since I became a mother


Most babies go through a chewing phase.

Elfie never really did. Not much.

She has, however, gone through a licking phase and here is a list of things I have heard myself  or Robotman say over the last year or so:

Elfie, stop licking the floor

Elfie, stop licking the dog

Elfie, stop licking the bench

Elfie, stop licking the giant plastic ice-cream cone

Elfie, stop licking the cat

Elfie, stop licking the bottom of your shoe

Elfie, I can see you trying to sneak a lick of that bench as you climb up it

Elfie, stop licking the TV

Elfie, stop licking the car door

Elfie, stop licking my face

Elfie, stop licking the stick

As you can see, she is a curious little shithawk, this one.

On another note, she is rarely sick.

So maybe it’s a good thing for immune development.

What do you think?


4 thoughts on “Things I’ve heard myself saying since I became a mother

  1. God, let me think. OK, pretty much all the time, “Stop” “Wait!” “Don’t” “Stop hitting/slapping/punching/fighting with your brother!” “Be careful! Please!” and keeping the best for last, “Will you all PLEASE just go to BED!” Thank you!

  2. Definitely good for her immunse system. “Don’t lick your shoes” is something I find myself saying surprisingly often. And mine’s four.

    But I think top of my list would have to be “Stop biting your toenails!”

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