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Ask and you shall receive- it’s all in the little things


It is easy for me to believe the ‘ask and you shall receive’ stuff that has been headlining book sales for the last decade- even if the concept has been alive for aeons and all those books bored the living daylights out of me and I never got past the first chapter.

Mainly because, to me, it is an unspoken knowledge that one has already.

We are born with it- it is just life and some adults that beat it out of us, cursing us with their cynism and narrow-mindedness.

By it I mean just being with the oneness of life. Just being with nature, understanding it- our intuition- just being alive in the moment without worries, pressures, expectations and judgements.

Despite this, I often find myself forgetting about the simplicity of Spirit. Day to day life and general adult cynism can often take over.

Whenever Robotman and I have needed anything we have always received it.

For example, we’ve received so many unexpected windfalls- prize bonds, tax backs, voluntary redundancy offers when you’re already planning on handing in your notice etc. We’ve always been looked after.

So the other day I was cleaning around trying to think of ways to save money.

I was cleaning around thinking about how if I bought a kettlebell I’d save money reducing the weekly classes I attend. Then I inwardly scolded myself and said that this is the kind of spending that eats into our savings.

Out of nowhere I had a lovely moment- a moment where my inner wise soul asked why don’t you just ask for it? So I did.

I inwardly informed the universe that I needed funds to buy a kettlebell without taking money from our family pot.

It is hard to describe how I do this- it is not with my words. It comes from my ‘energy’ so it isn’t actual language inside my mind. It’s more from my heart. It feels like energy swells in the area right under my ribcage and I just understand without thinking and very quickly move on. That just sounds really weird, I know, but bear with me.

So anyway, I went to bed. Robotman was out at a work event- God love him he has a hard life- and came home just as I was about to turn out the light.

He came in with an envelope- said he won something at the event and wanted me to have it. I opened it up and there was a €50 oneforall voucher.

Wohoo! I could buy my kettlebell.

Also, the universe was very kind to throw in a pair of gloves so my palms can stay nice and girly soft as I do my manly workout.

Then, last night Robotman and I were driving home and were talking about how we’ve won so many prizebonds (little prizes of €50 or €70). Not many people have won this frequently and we always thank the stars for our luck.

BAM! This morning we get an email You have won €50 on prizebonds. It was like the universe was just making a point that it really isn’t just our imagination.

I am currently working on a post on a budgeting challenge I have set myself. We were on holidays last week and ate out a lot and when we did cook, we bought expensive like organic steaks and foods we wouldn’t normally buy so needless to say this week the food shop has been fairly meagre.

BAM BAM! Avonmore arrive at my door with a hamper to say thank you for sharing some of my posts with them for use on their website (in conjunction with the Irish Parenting Bloggers Group).

Eating like kings now, so we are. Cheese, smoothies, sour cream, fresh cream, cottage cheese, soups.

And do you know what? I feckin’ love Avonmore. Really! It’s one of very few brands that I will commit to.

A few weeks ago I was putting some prints on a wall. Our print collections have been sitting in the back room since we moved house in October 2012. I wished for some more prints and thought to myself that I’d take a few shots or get Robotman to do some more painting.

BAM BAM BAM!!! This week Robotman won a competition- a Clare Hartigan print!!

So, the moral of the story is:

Stop trying to manifest €90 million Euromillions. Everyone on the planet is bombarding the universe with lotto requests. It’s all in the little things: A parking space, a frickin’ kettlebell, a babysitter and a night out, a peaceful day, an abundant allotment, good health, a moment with Spirit, €50 in the prizebonds, that holiday- tell the Universe where you want to go!

Get creative with your wishes, feel it in your heart- don’t just think it- and remember to let it go! Trust that it will happen. The more you practice it and acknowledge it when it arrives the more frequently these things occur.

Don’t psychoanalyse it. Don’t listen to that cynical voice. Allow a little bit of enchantment into your life.

So tell me- what have you manifested?


8 thoughts on “Ask and you shall receive- it’s all in the little things

  1. What a great post. The power of positive thought a big player in my life too.
    Way to go on the prize bonds!

  2. This all so resonated with me-I have been manifesting for years, like you said: all the little things, but some enormous ones too. Now I really must put together a vision board, keep meaning to do it!! Great post x

    • Thanks Emily- You know what? I’ve already forgotten about the vision board!!! Definitely on my to do list. Good point too- Let’s not forget about the big things as well.

  3. That’s the power of ”The Secret” in action right there! Have you ever read the book x

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