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What WInter brings part 2: the happy ending


My last post ended on a sombre note.

It was all quite sombre really. Thank you to those of you who sent me messages and commented. I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to write to me. 

I left it like that on purpose to show just how cold Winter can be.

I really wanted to write this in the post but at the time I just couldn’t. I was wallowing in Winter, you see.

I really deeply connect with seasons and every year explore deeper recesses within and use the symbolism of nature to help me process.

Winter can be cold and cutting but it has some remarkable gifts to offer us.

Like silence and contentment.


credit: Silvery @zastavki.com

Nature is at it’s finest on a sunny Winter’s day.

Not many people embrace our lakes or ocean at this time of year. Not many people walk our forests.

To sit by a Winter lake can do nothing but still the mind.

In Winter you can truly hear birdsong because there are so few birds left to face it head on with the rest of us.

The trees sing a different tune when they are leafless.

Snuggling up inside a warm coat, gloves and a snood can bring greater enjoyment of Winter offerings. 

But it takes a while to get there.

Much like our inner world, we avoid it for as long as possible.

We live in denial. We bury ourselves in our warm houses (a true blessing in this sad age of recession and unemployment).

We shovel the rotten leaves down with comfort food rather than allowing them to simply decompose in fresh air.

We sit in our discomforting feelings but we can not even identify them without the help of Winter silence.

In Spring we come alive again. Spring is all about movement and work. Sowing seeds for fresh new sustenance. We nurture ourselves.

In Summer we share ourselves with others, we enjoy rest and leisure with great company and even greater food.

In Autumn we shed in preparation for Winter’s healing touch.

The process of healing is never enjoyable.

We forget what we went through once Spring comes as we are so happy to be free again. To move forward and live again.

If we take Winter for what it is we can enter into Spring having shed a whole new layer.

Freer and lighter than before.

Lighter in Spirit.

My last post was an example of Winter processing. Feeling down and having resistance.

Resistance to the process.

Whether that be sadness, loneliness, anger, un-forgiveness, dis-contentment with life or anything you can think of.

Regardless how minor or major our issues, Winter will always be there offering us the opportunity to soak our souls in the deep, cold and still waters.

Soak in it. Just be it- be the sadness or loneliness. Be the stress or the frustration. Be the anger and un-forgiveness. Just be dis-contented.

This is all just part of the human condition.

By accepting our deepest disgruntled feelings and experiences and just being in them, we are allowing the process. We are allowing Winter in.

Winter freezes us over. It is only in the darkness of Winter do we realise and re-purpose the light. 

Spring is the one whom we will see coming for us over the hill, rinsing us out with it’s rain.

Just in time for Summer. Where we will be renewed again.





2 thoughts on “What WInter brings part 2: the happy ending

  1. I love your mindset, Laura.

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