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Gratitude- a note to my readers


I make sure to take time every day for gratitude.

Whether it is to thank The Elf for her help, Robotman for being so supportive or even as abstract of thanking Life for a moment, Spirit for bliss or Nature for it’s awe inspiring moments- I think gratitude is so essential.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not walking around remembering to be grateful every moment every day. Nor do I thank my husband daily for his amazingness just as I don’t always stop long enough to share a moment with Nature.

But I do make sure to say thank you when it is due.

So, here I am, thanking you.

For listening, reading, commenting, engaging.

Thanks for taking time from your life to give it to me.

This last year has been amazing- putting the whirlwind that was inside me to ‘paper’ and experiencing these thoughts from a whole new perspective.

Thank you for coming on here to witness, hear me and support me.

If it were real life, these moments would mean I would just hug you. (I am a very tactile person).

I’d also like to take a moment to just to let you know where I am going with the blog this year.

  • I have changed the name of the blog to ‘Raising Elves’.
  • I will be focusing more on the symbolism of nature, natural living/remedies, gentle, intuitive parenting (or my quest to be a gentle, intuitive parent!), Wheat free recipes.
  • I won’t be posting about my ‘lows’ anymore, they are very healing for me but I don’t see what they give the reader… other than depression lol. I want to share my light with the world, not my dark- that is one of my new life assertions. If I am going to give anything to anyone, I want to leave people feeling good about themselves. I won’t be denying the dark, for we cannot appreciate the light without it, but I recently sat down and asked myself ‘Who do you want to be?‘ after reading this quote:

Some people say they haven’t yet found themselves. But the self is not something one finds; it is something one creates. (Thomas Szasz.)

  • I want to give a lot more photo imagery as this is something I really appreciate on a blog.
  • I will still be posting honestly about my thoughts and insecurities as I continue my journey to becoming more confident and happy.

Here are some examples of posts I will be doing:

What Autumn gives 

Maternal moments

Alternative to sugary drinks

God in the child

Cider Vinegar tonic

Beat the Winter Blues

Up-cycling furniture

Natural products experimentation/reviews

Childhood memories

Putting myself out there

I hope you come along with me on my new journey. I won’t be limiting myself by projecting what will be on the new blog, I have just come to know what I don’t want to be on it.

In essence, where I am going is that I have an aim. My aim is to focus on giving to my readers rather than taking from them.

So, I will give you the best of myself. You may take some of it. You may leave some. That’s perfectly OK.

All I hope is that you will finish reading feeling good.

So, thank you- again. I really do appreciate you and although I have been very poor at responding to your comments and likes please know that I really do appreciate you and the time you take to leave a comment to engage with me.

Laura x


21 thoughts on “Gratitude- a note to my readers

  1. Looking forward to it all 🙂 and looking forward to returning a bear hug some day I hope!!

  2. Sounds great Laura! I look forward to reading. 🙂

  3. Lovely post. Best of luck with all your exciting endeavours! Look forward to reading more!

  4. Great post and sounds like some great plans for 2014; I love the sound of what is to come, the blog titles alone have me hooked!

  5. Looking forward to following along – it sounds right up my street!

  6. Wow great new plans. I hope whatever you do with your blog you enjoy fully. I’m looking forward to reading. I’m a disaster for forward planning, I’m very impressed when I see others who do.

  7. Love the sound of that. I have taken so much from your blog in the past so I am really looking forward to reading more. Your positivity is inspiring.

  8. Hi Laura,
    I’m (very,very) slowly making my way through all the fantastic blogs in the IPB group. Yours is lovely and bright and cheerful. Looking forward to reading more of your posts.x

  9. Hi Laura!
    Contacting you from The Native American world in Canada! Please contact me ASAP.


  10. Looking forward to seeing where your new-look blog takes you! But don’t feel you have to be all happy mc clappy all the time – sometimes you need to write through the dark to get to the light, and blog therapy is great for that. And for the reader, your blog is a story, and the highs and lows make it more interesting and more relatable.

    • Thanks Maud. I agree and I don’t plan on having having rose tinted story on the blog but I do want to increase the positivity. I guess the last year has been difficult and I am on the way out of that. I am heading toward positive, healed, pastures and feel a blog revamp is symbolic of this change. In essence, I am being even more my real self, as the bad days are just a moment and a reflection of hurt rather than self… if that makes sense.

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