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What age does your brain think you are?


I turned thirty this year. I’m delighted and excited to leave my twenties behind.

One thing, though. 

When I was in hospital recovering after Little Elf’s birth I was chatting to one of the nurses who happens to be from where I am from.

She was asking did I know so and so, saying to me that we are around the same age.

I was thinking she looked a bit older than me, but apparently not (she would have seen my date of birth on my chart). I might have put her at least eight years older, say, and was kind of thinking ‘how old do I look?’ when she said it to me. She was probably thinking ‘How old do I look?’ when she saw my skeptical eyes look her up and down (as you do). I felt like an asshole but it’s the truth. 

Until that moment, I think I still thought I looked real young like a 22 year old or something. I don’t think I’ve realised that I now look like a thirty year old Mammy.

I don’t use mirrors much, you see. I’m not in to make up, creams, magazines or fashion trends so I don’t know what I actually look like cos I don’t really care.

Today, I was chatting to a lovely woman in the playground with four gorgeous boys. Again, I would have put her about six-ish years my senior. She is 33.

’33?’ I thought to myself, ‘She is only three years older than me. She is my age!’

I have always been one of the youngest in class or on the team. 

In the area I live, people are mostly thirty-something to forty-something. Most of my friends are around that age too. My husband is that age.

When I was 29, two months ago, I was in my twenties. There was a barrier there.

People would say things like, ‘Oh, I am so old’ after finding out that they’d actually been hanging around with a twenty something year old and I would think ‘Please don’t dump me cos I’m young! Young people don’t want me either.’

Since I’ve turned thirty, people don’t react that way anymore.

Regardless of that, my brain thinks I’m still 22 (it still thinks I look 22, ha!). 



Today was the first day were I was around the same age as the mammy I met. 

I’m part of the gang now. I’m a thirty something.

Tell me, what age does your brain think you are?


15 thoughts on “What age does your brain think you are?

  1. Aw Laura! You’re such a cutie … You DON’T look like a 30 year old! 😉 I can say this as I am you, two months ago! I feel the fear! But you’re a babe … U aren’t a frumpy mommy!

  2. People used to always tell me that I look younger than I was. Then I had kids and I don’t hear it much anymore.
    I’m 38. (Eek) I feel 32-34 I think. But I’m not afraid to say my age either. It’s a fact, there’s nothing I can do about it. I do occasionally find myself remembering like you did that people are actually a different age than me, but in my case l tend to ham up how old I am as I’m the eldest on my team at work etc.
    Great post topic!

    • Thanks Sinead. I think it’s great to own our age- sure what’s wrong with being 30?40?50?60? and beyond? Nothing. Everyone gets there in the end.

  3. Since having a baby I usually can’t actually remember what age I am without having a good think about it! It used to be due to baby brain, now I think it’s just down to constant sleep deprivation (or old age, crap – it could be that!).

  4. I’m about 19 in my head. And then, I look in the mirror 😀 😀

  5. So, I do like creams and makeup and magazines, but even still, I think I’m younger than I am, and all my friends think they’re younger than they are too. I think it’s just a thing. I turned 40 recently, the first of my friends to do so (though they’ll all follow in the coming months) and we spent almost the entire birthday dinner talking about how none of us looked 40.

    • I have yet to meet a forty year old who look their age. Forty really is the new thirty eh? Thank god for prosperity, we’re all alot younger than our grafting forefathers (and mothers).

  6. I feel older than my age! Perhaps that’s what a surprise pregnancy does to you 😉

  7. Oh I’m in my 30’s for sure. And the 90’s were only a few years ago. I likewise had a ‘moment’ with someone saying to me about being ‘our age’ and I thought – yeah right! and then realised – oh, yeah, right.

  8. Loved reading this as I can so relate! In fact my friends and I all think that we all look younger than we actually are. Time we went to specsavers I think!

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