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Be careful what you wish for


So there I was, lying in bed in the dark listening to Mini Elf babble away.

I looked at the clock. 5.45am. Wohoo, I thought.

Yes, that’s right. A 6am wake up call is a treat these days.

Thing is, I’ve been wishing to be an early riser for some time now.

I am not a morning person, to the extreme.

But my life would be so much easier if I could be productive in the early hours.

I have a fantasy of getting up before the kiddos and having a peaceful cuppa and getting a bit of tidying done.

Be careful what you wish for, they say, and it’s true because Mini Elf needs significantly less sleep than Elf ever did.

For three years I didn’t know my luck having a kid who sometimes lies on until 9am or 9.30am. If I got her up early for Montessori she would then go to bed at 7pm that night and go straight to sleep, rarely waking (aside from the usual developmental times). She might wake at 7.45am. 7am is early for Elf, and rare but generally she sleeps 7.30pm to 7.30am.

So Mini Elf has come to shake things up a bit.

We are co-sleeping and she wakes for a sip a few times in the night. I hardly notice but the wake up call is fairly loud in the morning.

Babbling, gurgling and various body movements to make the most noise from the pillows and blankets.

Kicks in the back, pulling of hair and big wet kisses as she drags my face toward her open mouth using her nails.

That’ll wake you alright.

Be careful what you wish for, I thought to myself this morning.

The wonderful part of this is that I am so used to it now I wake up full of cheer for this little slobber-headed gem of creation.

So much so, I have to turn the phone light on just so I can see her face and little shiny eyes.

Who couldn't love her?

Who couldn’t love her?

It’s heaven and I am grateful. I certainly hope I eventually manage to get out of bed soon enough and fulfill that Stepford Wives fantasy I have been concocting.


10 thoughts on “Be careful what you wish for

  1. Laura, she’s absolutely beautiful!! Great post x

  2. Your cup is overflowing with blessings ……. XXX

  3. What an absolute dote! Sure you’d doing anything for that face!

  4. Oh, that face. If you have to wake up at 5.45, at least you have that to look at.

    And doesn’t that mean a nice early nap in the morning? Maybe?

  5. Oh goodness Laura, I could have written that post. The past month has been viciously early risings, and late to bed… Not fair!! I also wished to wake early to “get stuff done”, and I’m also not a morning person… Sisters 😛 Thankfully I have a face beaming with delight to enjoy too, it inspires me to fall (fall) out of bed eventually as dawn breaks!!

    • I found after equinox things calmed after a couple of days- have you fpound that? I think we are all moon sensitive here (except for the robot).

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