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It’s the small things that hold me together


The latest offering by Netflix (coming in March), Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, really got me thinking.

The character, Kimmy, arrives in NYC after being locked up in a cult’s post-apocalyptic bunker for fifteen years and my guess is that we will watch her naively breaking through cynical 21st Century contemporary society and (maybe) helping us see life in a simpler way through childish eyes.

I’ve been whingeing for a while now that we haven’t had any daycent comedies in ages and this seems to be exactly what I’ve been hoping for.

There is a line in the trailer (link here) that grabs me:

“You can either curl up in a ball and die or you can stand up and say we’re different and you can’t break us”

It makes me think of my own life right now as a parent and how challenging it is in so many ways. The exhaustion, the lack of space or silence, the dilly-dallying, the food waste, the illnesses, the whingeing, the tantrums, the medical bills, the losing of oneself. Merciful’our, the list could go on!

And on.

And on.

(Insert photo of shattered mother here).

Yet there is so much more to it than that. Moments that I can miss if my mind is not in the right place.

The magic, the beauty, the love. The innocence, creativity and music. Playfulness, drama, mess. Chaos, go-with-the-flow, the hunger.

The hunger for food and love, for life and fresh air. Hunger for learning and company. Hunger for acceptance, approval. Peckish for fun. Starving for comfort in this challenging human condition.

As a parent it feels like all I do is feed feed feed but if I just alter my angle slightly I realise that if I could just learn to receive from my child I would be full to the brim of positivity, drive and excitement for life.

I do not give them the magic, they give it to me.

So today I started anew.

I am counting my blessings. Those ‘unbreakable moments’ that help me get through the crazy fabulous experience that is parenting.


I started by putting out an intention. I lit a candle with Elf and put it out there that today I will be patient and positive. This small gesture is one of my biggest coping mechanisms and I approach it from a whole mind-body-spirit connection. By lighting a candle I am taken my visions, wishes and thoughts out of my being and making them tangible through the symbolism of a candle flame.


I’m fed up wasting my children’s early years on tiredness, grumpiness and desires to run away go off on my own for a couple of days. OK that fantasy still exists but I’ll at least quieten it until the kiddos go to bed, ok?


If you would like to follow me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter you will see all these moments that hold me together which I will be continuing to share.

Tell me, what holds you together?

BTW: I am part of the Netflix Streamteam and today’s post has been inspired by Netflix correspondence and I am hoping to win a trip to the London premiere of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. All my thoughts and inspirations are genuine and the words are all mine, though.


6 thoughts on “It’s the small things that hold me together

  1. I’m lighting a candle that you WIN!! Best of luck, and thoughtful, wonderful post as always xxxxx

  2. Ah laura thats just beautiful. You really are stopping to smell the beautiful roses in your life..

  3. Perfectly said Laura so hard some days but so rewarding

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