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Beyond the wall in the marathon of new parenthood


If you’d have asked how I was a week or so ago I wouldn’t have known how to answer you.

I had hit the ‘wall’.

The wall they talk about in endurance training. It resonates with me, in regards to the first year ‘marathon’ after having a new baby.

I remember it on Elf. I recall realising after ten or so months I can actually do this.

I had made it to the top of the mountain.


I lay in bed in the early hours this morning whizzing and buzzing.

I felt like I was birthing.

I lay there, buzzing. Not anxious. Just full of energy.

Then I realised it.

I am over the wall.


I had hit it. I hit that wall hard.

I was shattered.

I ate like a pig.

I drank coffee till the cows came home.

I was popping Nurofen like they were sugar pills. Every.single.muscle.ached.

I was light-headed and having dizzy spells.

I fecked off to London for the day ALONE. (Thanks Netflix).

I went to bed early and still woke up shattered.

I even took a nap one day.

I had nothing to talk about with anyone because my eyes were open but nobody was home.

I was short, snappish and sometimes a bit of a C U Next Tuesday.

My Mam and husband can concur with that one.


And then, just like that, Tadahhhhh! Here I am.

I climbed the peak and am now on the downhill slope to just regular parenting exhaustion.

Tappidy tap.

Jazz hands.

100% Worth It!

                                                           100% Worth it

Of course there is an ebb and flow to energy but in my experience there is a big difference after around the ten month mark.

Laura x


7 thoughts on “Beyond the wall in the marathon of new parenthood

  1. I’m still awaiting that over the mountain feeling, I seem to just be re-launching myself at the wall every few weeks! Glad to hear you’ve found the fountain of energy 🙂

    • Long may it last. Although reality is that there is an ebb and flow to energy.

    • I’ve just added that to the end of the post. I forgot to add that I know that energy comes and goes. Hopefully when E gets to 10 months you’ll be able to turn around and say the same. Although maybe your back injury might make it a bit longer. x

  2. I’m so at base camp on that mountain. My Princess is nearly 2, my Prince is nearly 9 months, I never feel I will get over the mountain. It seems so far away. But I know it will!!!

    Great honesty.

  3. Glad you made it and thanks for describing it so well

  4. I’ve been bobbing up and down for a while… And after being sickish on and off for a few annoying weeks, I’m so ready to sit at the top of that mountain. Great post (as always! ) x

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