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The gift of receiving



The act of giving,

is just one hand in the loop of love.

There is no giving without receiving.

If one does not receive, the loop is not complete.

Every now and then,

when the mind has forgotten,

the half-loop chord floats around the giver’s being,

stinging the heart as it seeks to be received.

The heart echoes out,

a hollow cry,

at the reality of unrequited love.

All I want to do is love everyone,

it says.

But the world cannot hear it,

for it has forsaken the gift receivership,

Giving, itself, is a gift, to oneself.

To give, without expectations.

Or fear.

Regardless of the homeless chords stinging your heart.

To those same folk who cannot,

quite simply,

say thanks.

To receive, without expectations,

on yourself.

To just receive,

and say thank you.

Maybe even smile,

and allow the warmth to enter your heart.

Receiving, is a gift to the giver,


9 thoughts on “The gift of receiving

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  2. This is absolutely wonderful! I read a book recently that you might be interested in called 29 Gifts. In fact, I know that you would be interested. See if you can grab a copy from your library or even order it. It’s going to make you happy. :>)

  3. I love this. I completely agree that giving is a gift to the giver, and great pleasure can be taken from the act of giving alone. Acknowledgement by the receiver is a wonderful bonus though x #prose4t

  4. Funnily enough this really resonates with me in particular today. I was discussing Christmas with my sisters and trying to decide about present giving as there are so many of us. I have said that I will give but don’t expect anything in return. Giving is enough for me. Such beautiful words. Thank you for linking to Prose for Thought x

  5. Reblogged this on Raising Elves and commented:

    For the Season that is in it: A reason to say Thank You

  6. Love this Laura, wonderfully written

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