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Today, my child replaced me.


Today, whilst driving home on yet another wonderful grey rainy day here in Ireland, my darling Elf told me she would like her teacher to be her Mam.

Cue silence whilst Mother staples her eyes to the road so her child cannot see her heart bleeding out of her nostrils.

I have survived. And here is the tale.


No 1: Hold it together



No 2: Suppress instant defensive anger mode (she is just a child)


No 3: Give yourself time before you answer


No 4: Suppress inner clingy insecure person


No 5: Try to find a way to express your hurt without too much drama


No 6: Hmmm, maybe I should’ve processed it a little longer



2 thoughts on “Today, my child replaced me.

  1. Oh dear! This happened to me when my girls were in preschool. I was told they wanted their teacher to be their mama and I WAILED – “but what about meee” (not enough processing either). “It’s ok,” they replied. “You can be our teacher!”
    I consoled myself with he fact that at least I wasn’t deemed entirely redundant…

    • It’s a phase! It’s a phase! So I keep telling myself. Then I (very maturely and smugly) think ‘well, I obviously made a really good pre-school choice. I’m so good at decision making. At least I think I’m amazing’. 1-1 It’s a draw. (evil laugh). I suppose all I can do is pretend I am a mature adult and savor the rare kiss I get these days.

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