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How watching My Little Pony helped my 4 year old


A friend recommended My Little Pony on Netflix. She described it as not too PC but appropriate and relatively watchable for adults too.

I have found myself grateful for My Little Pony in how it has helped Elf figure some things out in relation to socialising, friendship and so on, which is a challenging area for her. I don’t think I’d have had the ability to teach her the subtleties and politics of friendship, especially because I always struggled to navigate those areas of life myself.

The recommendation wasn’t wasted breath and I am so surprised by the good that has come out of My Little Pony and here are just a few simple examples as to why:

Friendship is Magic: The overall theme of MLP is friendship. The series’ as a whole runs through the ins and outs of friendship, the good and bad, how friendship is an investment, why friends are important etc etc. My (mostly) introverted and (easily) hurt/offended Elf has really needed help in this area and MLP has given her the opportunity to process that there is a value to being a good friend and also how to cope when others aren’t quite as friendly.

Archetype identification: Each character has a characteristic and virtue that allows children (particularly girls) the opportunity to find an identifiable archetype that is beyond the scope of pretty, agreeable little girlies. Not that there is anything wrong with that but it is nice to allow girls the opportunity to explore beyond the stereotype. The reality is, each pony symbolises a little of some ‘virtues’ we might find in us all and I’ve been able to appreciate my girls’ leniency toward different archetypes and through that I feel like I understand them more as individuals.

Music: How do I get to turn the TV off without a row? I tell them they can listen to the MLP music on Spotify. The music is surprisingly tolerable for a kids TV show and it’s clear that a lot of effort went into it. After a while we know all the words and have a sing song in the car. Even Dad doesn’t mind it. I love watching Elf as she sits beside the computer with her eyes off in the distance as she really open her ears to the lyrics and rhythm of the different songs.

I never thought I’d have written something like this over a kids’ TV show but here you have it.

All of the My Little Pony series’ and the Equestria movies are on Netflix.

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6 thoughts on “How watching My Little Pony helped my 4 year old

  1. I was never really into my Little pony as a child, but I’m glad it has helped your little one develop her self. I’m always glad when children’s TV is properly educational, and not just full of weird names and noises. Xxx

  2. I think it is great that MY Little Pony does not reinforce stereotypes and instead shows all different archetypes. That is really important.

    • I agree. It’s really important to give kids the opportunity to find themselves without pressure of who they think they should be rather than being good with who they really are.

  3. My daughter watches it too and loves it. She’s also obsessed with all the toys!

    • Oh tell me about it. We have the figurines, soft toys and clothes. My littlest (nearly age 2) spends ages each morning trying to figure out ‘who’ she will wear today (socks!!).

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