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Wowed by Alflorex


I have had IBS my whole life.

Sadly, my youngest little Elf struggles in that department too.

I’ve tried everything and nowadays the emphasis is more on management rather than cure.

My youngest started suffering a few weeks after we weaned her on to solids.

She is very sensitive to certain foods and when she avoids them the (severe) bloating is gone and, thankfully, no pain. Despite this her bowel movements would still be a bit off, or ‘not quite right’.

Until we tried Alflorex.

I didn’t expect huge changes. We’ve both taken different strains of bacteria before. I’ve never noticed much difference in my little one when taking other brands but I still dosed us both based on a recommendation by the doctor. As you can imagine, I had no expectations when taking Alflorex because I have never been ‘wowed’ before. I was more veering toward trusting that they were doing something good on the inside.

Within a few days of taking the pre-filled straws, my little one’s stools started to change. Without the need for vivid descriptions, they went from being ‘not quite right’ to…well, normal. I couldn’t believe that after just a few days taking Alflorex that for the first time in her life (she’s 2.5 years old now) she had a normal looking poo.

This became consistent, the norm, over the last few weeks. It was only until last week where she had been given something from her avoid list, and she had terrible pain and diarrhoea , that I realised just how good things had gotten for her. I can only describe is as having been ‘wowed’.

For myself, I would say I have noticed a significant difference in the bloating and tenderness I get. It gets worse for me at certain times of the month (hormones effect the IBS flare ups) and it really effects my ability to do core or strength types of exercise because my gut is so inflamed. I noticed a huge difference. I found myself without pain during my exercise classes at the stage of the month where I would usually be crippled.

I received eight weeks worth of Alflorex to try in exchange for a review and was so pleased with the results that I’ll be buying it from now on. Yes that’s right. It works so well that I am now a purchasing convert.

I’ve had such great results to share with you that I’ve been offered one of my readers a chance to WIN a three months supply. I just love it when brands are generous to readers too.

For your chance to win tell me which product you’d prefer- the straws or the capsules. You can comment on the Facebook link for this post on my Facebook page.

Mini Elf will randomly draw a name on the 1st of December and I will post a video of it on my Facebook page.


For more information go to http://www.alimentaryhealth.ie/products/Alflorex


17 thoughts on “Wowed by Alflorex

  1. Wow,great prize and so great that they worked for your little miss. Can you put my name in the hat for the capsules please?

  2. That’s a fantastic result! Can you put me in for the straws please?

  3. Wow wonder would they help my 16 yr old count me in to plz x

  4. Wow, if that’s not a success story nothing is. So glad you’ve found something that gives her such relief! If I could be put in the draw for the straws that would be great!

  5. Can you put my name in the hat for the prize would be great

  6. If you could put my name in the hat for the adult capsules, that would be great. Just finished a course of antibiotics so could do with some beneficial gut biotics to get back on track and also help get rid of trapped gas and bloating symptoms.

  7. My little granddaughter suffers like your own little elf..could you put my name in for the straws please?

  8. I would love the adult capsules. Would be delighted to try them.

  9. Gosh, I’d love my name in the hat but one way or the other, I’m buying this tomorrow for a member of the family who really needs it. Fantastic review, you’ve sold it to me!!😄

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