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I tried it your way

I tried it your way.

Because I was not enough,

so you said.

Or I was wrong,

was what you meant.

But really, I was just a reflection.

Of everything you were not.

So I tried it your way,

as I am out to learn,

not to rot.

I became your reflection,

I became

your anger,

your frustration,

your disappointment,

your insecurity,

your jealousy.

You told me you were better,

so I became the worst.

You told me you were more beautiful,

so I became ugly.

You told me you knew everything,

so I became stupid.


I tried it your way.

That did not work so well for me.

So, here is my way.


I love you,

despite yourself.


Easy, but depth-ful, ‘thinking-of-you’ gift

A seed was planted in my head a while back while reading a blogpost by Tric over atĀ from My thoughts on a page. If you haven’t found Tric yet then you really should head over there if you likeĀ soulful writing.

It was an idea for a small gift that I could give to some people in my life, that came from the heart.

When I look at it tangibly, it seems like a very small thing but the intangible place the gift comes from is expansive. I nervously wonder if only a small number of people would ‘get it’, as not everyone would be into the ritual and intention I give with it. Different strokes for different folks and all.

We bought Summer bulbs when they were on offer recently. We planted some in the garden, Elf and I, and then I got to work on the gift I wanted to send to a special someone.

The first of these gifts to be sent was to this special person who cannot even begin to imagine what they have given to me in energy, healing and love over the short period of time we have known each other. It is so hard to find something expressive enough to return to someone in terms of energy, healing and love. It is all in the intention, I believe.

Although this is such a small gesture, in my heart, in what I am giving, it is huge.

I sat in my room, the kitchen no less, lit a candle and brought in a soft light to work by and chose the bulbs I’d be sending.


I wrote a letter on the gorgeous Cathy Kidson stationary that I received as a Christmas gift (I am stationary obsessed). I just went with my intuition on what to write in the letter. I found my pink Aura Soma bottle (colour therapy) and decided to theme the blessing to what pink symbolises which is compassion, forgiveness and self-love. I filled a small fabric gift bag with the bulbs and sprayed a cotton bud with the pink floral scent (you could also use an essential oil).

It felt good sending the gift because this is something I would usually say that I would love to do but then don’t because I put it too far down on the list. Yet, after doing it I felt great pleasure sending someone a little blessing.

Although when it is received initially it will be just a seed, the flowers will bloom this (and every) Summer. The blessing will come to fruition and the receiver will think of compassion, forgiveness and self-love every time they see these flowers. They act as a reminder to love and to just go easy on yourself.

I was thinking that this idea could also be used as a gift for those in grief or those celebrating an important stage in their life.

Or, simply, you could just send them as a thinking-of-you gift.

Thanks for reading,

Laura x