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Animal documentaries on Netflix

We love documentaries here and I often find alot of Elf’s questions are answered while watching them. I try to watch them first though, to make sure they are suitable for younglings.

Here is what is streaming on Netflix for World Animal Day today – an international day to mark the importance of animal rights and welfare.


This fascinating documentary examines the life of performing killer whale Tilikum, who has caused the deaths of several people while in captivity



Tyke Elephant Outlaw

A rogue elephant. A city paralyzed by fear. And a gruesome ending that’s forcing humans to ask some tough questions



Netflix Original Virunga

Rebels. Poachers. Oil companies. The endangered mountain gorilla has many enemies, and one friend: local park rangers



We’ve pushed nature out of our lives, eradicating entire species. But it’s not too late to turn back. 



Netflix Original Mission Blue

This documentary follows oceanographer Sylvia Earle’s campaign to save the world’s oceans from threats such as overfishing and toxic waste.



All streaming NOW on Netflix.

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A little bit of Telly

As kids, the only bit of ‘telly’ (local lingo for TV) we watched was on a Friday night and Saturday morning.

Friday night wrestling was watched religiously by my brother and I, up in our box room, lying in the lower bunk bed, hands on chins as my dad stuck a hanger in my nana’s old old old ancient tiny black and white TV.

photo credit: Daniel Y. Go via photopin cc

photo credit: Daniel Y. Go via photopin cc

On Saturday morning the ‘funnies’ (Iocal lingo for cartoons) started at 9am (how very reasonable) and ended at 12pm when we would start our chores. I got to polish the skirting while my bro… pretended to do something somewhere in the house. Our two elder sisters got to do the hard stuff. Suckers.

That was it. Oh wait! The Simpsons of a Sunday evening. We would all sit on Nana’s thin brown swirly carpet floor that smelt of Grandad’s pipe and watch the Simpsons at six o’clock on Sky One, or was it seven o’clock?

Things have changed greatly as we all know.

We don’t have cable because we don’t watch enough on TV for it to be worth our while. We have been using Freeview for the ‘funnies’ for a couple of years but generally we used to buy series’ boxsets for us to watch at night.

Then came along Netflix (Hurray!). An on-demand subscription service via wifi.


We were one of their first customers a few years ago but at that stage their selection wasn’t great so we cancelled. We recently re-connected with them though and I must say the variety of shows and movies have quadrupled in size.

I do try to restrict screen time in the house (adults included) especially as I am trying to give my children as nature inspired lives as possible in a world where technology takes precedence.

Saying that, telly has been a little bit of a saviour since Elf stopped napping. She still needs a rest and telly gives her that chance to stop moving for a while.

Her current favourites are Dora, Diego, Lego Ninjago as well as the Walking with Dinosaurs series. They are short enough that I can say to her that she can watch one or two, depending on the day. She turns it off herself once her time is up.

We love having Saturday night movie too where we have popcorn and all sit on the couch after a nice walk by the lakes although with the Winter coming in that will draw to a close.

Netflix have set up an online ‘Streamteam’ where some bloggers write for them once a month. I’ve recently joined too and they’ve sent me out an Apple TV (just a streaming device! Not an actual TV) and one years subscription. Sometimes blogging has perks, eh?

There have already been more than enough posts go through my mind while watching different shows or movies on Netflix. It’s been a saviour while trying to establish breastfeeding.

I love that you can pause and resume movies as well as separate viewers so you can restrict children’s viewing. I’ve watched quite a few oldies from the 80’s and 90’s, bringing me back to my childhood.

To find out more about Netflix click here.

We upgraded our broadband to this unlimited Vodafone package which has been working really well with the streaming.

As always, thanks for reading.